Race And Society Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis: Race and Society Race in society has been an extremely controversial topic for many years. Racial tensions were high in the past because of that people's feelings and beliefs have been passed down causing racial tensions to continue into today. A white officer can't even defend himself against someone of a different race because they will get nation wide attention for it. Prejudice still exists today causing people to feeling uncomfortable around different racial groups. Today many people believe that racial differences have made many strides to bettering society but others believe that much more work needs to be done.Even though laws have been passed to create equality within our nation, there are still factors that don’t help those specific laws of equality play into their full effect. Psychology Today's article Race &…show more content…
The reason being, stereotypes. A stereotype is a specific image or idea about a particular person or group. Psychology today discusses “ In their explicit use, stereotypes serve as a set of clear and open biased beliefs that people consciously use as part of their thoughts, decisions and social actions.” People think of stereotypes without even knowing that they may be stereotyping a certain person or group of people because it has become a natural thing. The question that is left unanswered is if people were aware that they are stereotyping unconsciously would they change the way in which they thought. That would be greatly impossible because you can't just change the way someone thinks or believes. An individual could modify the way they think about a certain person or group but those biased opinions of that particular group of people are embedded forever. therefore it's harder for society to become a colorblind nation because we can't move past the stereotypical thoughts that go through our head on a daily
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