Race And Women In Characters In Toni Morrison's Novels

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When she gets this job she thinks that the ominous shadow is now lifted and everything is beginning to look up for her, because Cee saw Dr. Scott as a hero. He treated the sick even if they were black and poor. Little did Cee know she was just being used for eugenics. Eugenics was something illegal at the time and meant to manipulate human breeding obviously without the patient’s consent. As the story unfolds, the Doctor experiments eugenics on her which also denote her race and gender. Her body was being exploited which was not expected when Cee accepted this job. Morrison wanted to show how “ the injustice of poverty, was made worse by race and gender”(McDowell), that since the doctor was a high class white man he could unashamedly take advantage of a low class black girl. Morrison had politics subtly woven in several parts of her novels and this is one good illustration of it. While Morrison wasn’t a career politician she had strong convictions and she advocated and stood by what she believed in. After this happening, Frank came and rescued Cee from the doctor taking her to Mrs. Ethel who was part of a church organization, otherwise known as the only place they could get sympathy and practical assistance. Morrison used…show more content…
Struggles one may not first think of at first, but still just as hard as all the other problems they faced. She used descriptive and keen language to make the story interesting for readers, yet succeeded to get her point across and arouse strong feelings about the subject. Morrison was under the influence when writing, not alcohol but racism that she personally experienced The hidden parts in all her books are the anecdotes from her life that were purposely inserted to vividly highlight some of her struggles as a black woman. All with the intent to show the damaging consequences of biased, insensitive, and harsh treatment by the white majority on their black
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