Race As A Social Construction Essay

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Sociologist that focus on aspects of race agree that it is a slippery slope. It begins with defining race as a social construction. One of the first ways this begins is through the view that race is a myth. It is argued that if race is indeed a myth, that makes it a social construction. Our textbook defines social construction as, "an entity that exists because people behave as if it exists and whose existence is perpetuated as people and social institutions act in accordance with the widely agreed-upon formal rules or informal norms of behavior associated with that entity," (Conley A-11). This is stating that the only reason race exists is because society acts like it does. It begs consideration what society you be like if we treated people based on their hair color instead of their skin color. Racism only exists, after all, because society decided to place worth based on someone 's origins. Sociologists argue to those who believe race is a myth that if it is indeed, that further gives stock to race being a social construction. While many Americans view race mainly in terms of black and white, there are…show more content…
Race is usually identified with skin colors, like black (African American) and white (Caucasian). Seeing the social construction in race can easily be seen in the stereotypes attributed to each race. A common example is the widespread ideal that all those who are Asian or of Asian descent are of extreme intelligence. Stereotypes are harmful, though this is a case where they can gain advantage from the situation. Unfortunately this is not the case for all stereotypes. Most Middle Easterners are now viewed as terrorists regardless of whether they are actually Arabic. African Americans, likewise, are most often viewed as dangerous criminals, even though many would never hurt a
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