Race Baiting Research Paper

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Hypotheses In light of a recent police officer involved shooting in Chicago, a Chicago police officer (white officer), was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a black teenager. There has been numerous police involved shootings in the U.S. in this past year, and the Chicago incident is not the first or last. Race baiting has become a hot topic and has gone viral around the nation. It is evident that the practice of the use of force is widely talked about in social media, and law enforcement leaders are aware that they must educate and train their officers regarding such usage. Educating police officers regarding the use of force is one thing, but how much training is geared towards cultural/ethnic diversity and community mediation skills?…show more content…
Working in a culturally diverse city, police officers are expected to interact with citizens in a professional manner which includes understanding various backgrounds, cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Misunderstanding an ethnic culture occurs when officers are not educated or aware of differing ethnic groups and cultural standards. If police officers are knowledgeable in various ethnic groups, they will not only avoid conflicts, criminal litigations against themselves, but also prevent violent riots and further distrust that ethnic groups already have with law enforcement
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