Race Based Oppression In America

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We have seen the United States of America progress in so many ways throughout our lifetime. In 1964, legislators passed the Civil Rights Act which aimed to end discrimination based on race and color. Many believe that race based oppression no longer exists because laws have been emplaced to prevent it. Clearly, the people stating that there is no longer racial segregation have not experienced it themselves and have not had racism impact their lifestyle, daily. Racism refers to the most presumed inferiority of racial minority groups and the under represented positions of wealth, power and prestige. Race based oppression is the worst form of oppression in the United States and needs to be terminated prior to class and sex based oppressions. Racism began in the 15th century when British settlers came to America with racist ideas. Now, in the 21st century, although racism is far more indirect, still remains. These racist ideas that were brought about shaped America with a divide between whites and blacks. Race based oppression is by far the worst oppression because so many African Americans were brought to this country and were enslaved by white Americans. Children, teens, adults, and all Americans have heard of slavery and how terrible those 400 years were for African Americans but many people belittle the situation as a whole and like to believe the pain and inferiority is completely over. African Americans were taken in by wealthy white Americans and were forced to do
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