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Race Fuels Being Environmentally Friendly Most people think that all race cars are the same with their environmental impacts. An abundance of people think that all race fuels are the same they did not know that there were many different kinds of race fuels and they are all for different cars and are made from different materials. But they are wrong for the most part, yes some fuels are very bad for the environment, but their are some that are not very bad for the environment. The racing industry is a very polluting industry and should have to take steps to be more environmentally friendly. Alcohol is produced the same way that ethanol is just without the gasoline added into the mixture. Alcohol is a fuel mixture that can sustain super high…show more content…
The ethanol mixture E10 means there is ten percent denatured ethanol and ninety percent gasoline, and with the E85 blend, it has eighty-five percent denatured ethanol and fifteen percent gasoline. The reason that they call ethanol denatured is because it is mixed with a very small amount of gasoline so that it is toxic if drank and it also helps a cold engine start easier. Ethanol can be made of corn or sugarcane. The first benefit of running ethanol is that it has naturally a high octane rating, which in turn mean that you can use it for higher horsepower, and higher compression motors. General Motors did research that says “data of a four-cylinder, naturally aspirated spark-ignition direct-injection flex-fuel engine running on E85 demonstrated a near 15 percent increase in specific output relative to production gasoline counterparts, while showing an improvement in part load operation of 3-6 percent. These gains were associated with reduced heat rejection, increased volumetric efficiency, and increased dilution (EGR) tolerance” (Fisher). Ethanol is a fuel that we become more and more widely used as the technology advances and people start to understand the need to switch to alternative fuels. “Beyond the power benefits that ethanol can provide there are two other big factors that make ethanol an attractive fuel for circle track applications. First, it 's renewable; and second, it 's clean-burning. In addition, since ethanol is less volatile than gasoline, there 's a reduced chance of explosion in spills and accidents”

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