Parable Of The Sower Essay

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In Parable of the Sower written by Octvaia Butler, the novel uses race, class, and power to articulate the progressing affairs in modern time society.Butler as well uses the past and present day problems of American historical events to futhermore accentuate that the complications are still in existence today. Butler’s novel Parable of Sower takes place in the self-descructing United States of the year 2024. The story unfolds with a perspective of the United States crumbling into pieces when Lauren, her family, and other families decide to venture out of their community armed because of the dangers outside there neighborhood. The downward spiral of once considered a great country leads to the idea of what happened? In the novel the sacred text shares, “ All that you touch, you change.…show more content…
It is in this part where it allows the reader to see how Butler uses this text in order to share the concept of the events in your life or that you experience often change you. In the novel we will see Butler use different examples to help shape the idea of how race, class, and power emphasize issues in society now. The elements of race, class, and power have similarities within each other that are showcased in the articles and novel that better the understanding Meaning, the type race in which you identify with somewhat determines which class you are born into, in addition leading to what class you are typically in. We will see the alternative perspectives that are associated with Butler’s ideology on race, class, and power throughout Parable of the Sower. In past history we have seen large groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, German Nazi Party whom wanted to gain a higher power over others based on race and religion and numerous other associations. During these times it created the factual evidence of how these events shaped American History. This visualization still holds today of one majority group or even company, yet is
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