Race Discrimination And Discrimination

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Introduction From 1450 CE , to our current day, science has been critically shaping human lives. The development of science was good as well as bad in many different ways. If there are benefits like technology, medicine, discoveries, and luxury, there are also equal non benefits like race discrimination. Humans are born in a race, based on which our current world’s society is discriminating people. Beings are aware that there is a significant growth and benefit in medicine, but according to Dorothy Roberts, Internationally recognized scholar, public intellectual and social justice advocate, “ Race runs deeply through all of medical practice. It shapes physicians' diagnoses, measurements, treatments, prescriptions, even the very definition of…show more content…
Altaf Saadi, recently wrote about her experiences treating patients at our own hospital. She has been questioned, insulted, and even attacked by patients, because she is a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf. She is not alone. Recent published reports include overt bigotry expressed towards doctors of black, Indian and Jewish heritage. Several medical journals have just published guidelines for doctors with titles like “Dealing with Racist Patients” and “The Discriminatory Patient and Family: Strategies to Address Discrimination Towards Trainees.” It’s sad that we need these guides"( Tello, 2017).Basically, the writer is expressing that Even Though a person works hard through her life and achieve her goal to be a doctor, their race is causing problems on her respect. If a doctor is given guidelines to deal with racist patients on one hand, there are students who are facing problems because if race in proving themselves on the other hand. In the article "Hiring Bias Blacks And Latinos Face Hasn't Improved In 25 Years," we learn "Over the years, studies have regularly and repeatedly tested for racial bias in hiring. The researchers pulled together 28 studies from 1989 on (a time when field experiments on the topic became more common), which included 55,842 applicants for 26,326 jobs"( Sherman, 2017 ). This contradicts the idea that there is support provided from many places including the International Institute for Race…show more content…
Physiological issues is one of them and there are doctors for curing these problems. Being aware that these issues are associated with many factors including stress, there are studies performed. A research by researchers at the Duke University shows that the recent exposure to race-related stress can have a sustained impact on physiological stress responses for African Americans ( Duke University, 2008). Although the source is from 2008 it shows a reliable study on drastic growing race related stress in people. In addition to psychological issues associated with race, there was a research report on blood pressure, which showed various experiments and results. According to the research of Nancy Krieger, PhD, and Stephen Sidney, MD, “Taken together, our results indicate that racial discrimination shapes patterns of blood pressure among the US Black population and Black-White differences in blood pressure” ( Nancy Krieger, 2011 ). Both of the above findings reinforce themselves as well as dorothy roberts, “The Food and Drug Administration has even approved a race-specific medicine. It's a pill called BiDil to treat heart failure in self-identified African-American patients. A cardiologist developed this drug without regard to race or genetics, but it became convenient for commercial reasons to market the drug to black patients. The FDA then allowed the company, the drug company, to test the
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