Hatred In The Holocaust

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Race, Hatred, and Violence The Holocaust was a devastating act that showed what being racist and hateful is all about. The Nazis and German authorities were the main reason for the killings of about six million Jews. They murdered homosexuals, Roman Gypsies, twins, the mentally ill or physically disabled, Jews, political opponents, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and priests. They wanted a perfect a race so they decided the people who weren’t perfect had to suffer. They didn’t care about the fact that nobody is perfect. The Holocaust was a horrible act by Nazi Germany that killed many Jewish people. In about 250 days they murdered about two and a half million Jews. The Jews couldn’t escape because there was no way to get out. The Nazis made sure to…show more content…
The German authorities forced thousands of Polish Jews into ghettos. The ghettos had barbed wire and high walls. The overpopulation made the ghettos breeding grounds for diseases. A disease such as typhus. In 1939 Nazis killed about 70,000 Germans who had mental illnesses or disabilities. It was called the Euthanasia Program and Hitler put an end to it in 1941. The Euthanasia Program was a pilot for the Holocaust. (History) The Germans and others went for Jewish people and their businesses. Those two nights were called Kristallnacht, or “The NIght of the Broken Glass.” During those two night hundreds to thousands of synagogues were in flames and about 7,000 businesses were raided and destroyed. Almost a 100 Jews were murdered during the act. There was also about 30,000 Jewish men arrested or put in concentration camps.…show more content…
They did start to slow down when the number of Jews to kill decreased. They finally stopped when the Allies. Beat them. The Jews in Europe were mostly dead by 1945. It was a civilization that was building for about 2,000 years and it was gone because the majority of Jewish people were gone. (About) On May 7, 1945 the Germans surrendered to the Allies. World War 2 ended for Europe on May 8. The next day Soviet forces officially announced their victory on May 9, 1945. Many of the survivors of the war went to camps that helped them. The camps were administered by the Allies. About 700,000 Jews emigrated to Israel. Also about 136,000 Jewish displaced persons from Europe went to Israel. Other Jews emigrated to the U.S. and other countries. In 1957 the last displaced persons camp ended.
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