Race In Policing

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Policing in today’s society has been impacted through a multitude of influences including social, political, and economical to name a few. One factor that has, in more recent years, left its imprint within policing is race. Race, brings up the subtopics of ethics, corruption, accountability, and public views on policing. The following paper will discuss these subtopics to help further understand why and how race plays such a significant role in current day society and policing.
The issue of race within the police force dates back to the 1967 President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, which considered the lack of minority officers one of the central problems in policing at that time. Almost 50 years later and
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To further these goals, implementations to new approaches that do not criminalize poverty would be an excellent place to start. Overall the police system is far from perfect and there can be many things done to improve it but all that needs to be done is to begin to build. Especially now that many of these issues have been brought to light to be repaired and to make America that much better. References
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