Race In The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Race has played a pivotal role in the criminal justice system since the 1960’s. The Civil Rights Movement was a milestone in American history which “emphasized equality of opportunity and respect for individuals regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or personal attributes, As such, scholars, authors, and criminal justice professionals have long documented the treatment of minority groups and have attempted to reform criminal justice processing, handling, and the overall treatment of suspects. Unfortunately many believe that the justice courts are corrupt and unfair. As a matter of fact, with a crime some believe that the color of one’s skin dictates whether or not they will be charged with a crime or get away with the wrong doing.…show more content…
Not everyone in the African American culture dislike officers, but many do. The root of this feeling is due to past and presents events that have taken place, for example the beating of Rodney King. The officers that was charged with the beating of King had been acquitted even though the whole incident was caught on tape. After hearing that the officers was not going to be getting charged the public was upset (mainly African Americans). The anger the people had inside of them lead them rioting. This was a major event in history. This incident showed that police officers abuse their authority, display police brutality An example of a most recent event was the death of 18 year old Mike Brown, who was shot by a six year veteran of the police force name Darren Wilson. In this case Officer Wilson was not charged of in charges that was brought against him. This case also upset the people, this case led to many looting acts and riots. African Americans do not believe that they are seen as the Caucasians in the eyes of the justice system. African Americans believe that the courts show favoritism when it comes whites and

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