Race Over Empire Racism And American Imperialism Summary

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Racial differentiation has been formed throughout history to create and reinforce structures of power. The British as well as the United States have implemented laws to stop others from reining on their hierarchy of power. In the late nineteenth century really hits on this idea, not only on immigration laws but also the impression of prostitution and Venereal Disease. According to the book, “Race Over Empire: Racism and U.S. Imperialism, 1865-1900,” by Eric T. Love, talks about how race has moved, shaped, and inspired the late-nineteenth-century U.S. Imperialism. Love also mentions the racial ideologies rooted in white supremacy that gave expansionists a grand rational for empire . White Supremacy became an imperative piece of the imperial project. They believed the conviction that people of European descent were inherently different from those and more superior to those of Native Americans, Mexicans, African Americans, Asian, and even certain European groups (the new immigrants from southern and eastern regions) . The United States would only seize states that were predominately white to rein their power for white supremacy. Race was often the motive force for the U.S. Imperialism. They smudged borders and altered allegiances to…show more content…
They were assumed to be promiscuous and indiscriminate in choice of sexual partner and likely to be prostitutes. The British “control” of prostitution also required women to register officially as prostitutes and undergo regular examinations to make sure that they did not have venereal diseases . The practice in which the policy reinforced, were not to help the female population but to benefit the white male population. The British believed that if female prostitutes failed to get checked for venereal diseases, it would weaken the “race,” which would interfere with the British reign for power
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