Race Reflection

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I enrolled into this class as a way to gain a richer context to race and ethnicity as it applies to my experiences. As a young African American male, race plays a very large in my daily life. This was especially true during my childhood as I grewing up in a predominantly white community. As a way to deflect microaggression-- a term I just learned describes the actions of many towards me during my youth-- I attempted to downplay my race when possible. Through this, I feel a rift has formed between myself and those who also identify as black. As I’ve grown older, I’ve an attempt to resolve any internal tension this might of caused. I’ve worked to ease these feelings through other aspects of my life, but during this course, I have received access…show more content…
These videos impacted me significantly because they struck a good balance between being consistent with experiences in my own life, and subverting those observations enough that i’m able to learn. For example, the video with a group of white and black vandals initially began as I expected it to. The creation of them vs us dichotomies is a typical element of race related information I’ve consumed in the new media, as well on social media site. What I didn’t expect was the how righteous the group who called the police on the black group seemed. This self righteousness was even more pugnant do to the fact that I agree their reasoning. In both situations, I think I would of called the police for the reason the second group said. That established, I’m also aware of extra eyes that might be on me as well as the eyes-- including my own-- that aren’t on others. The video forced me to acknowledge the prejudices I might have of my own race. Regardless of how uncomfortable the video made me, I’m glad I watched it.
The “What Would You Do” involving the Mexican laborer took me further off guard. I was completely unaware of the strifs of day laborers. To have someone who actually was a day laborer watch the video and confirm that this disregard for the right of another was eye
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