Race Relations In Texas

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Race Relations in Texas History Texas has long been regarded as The Lone Star State, and throughout its history, attracted many different cultures and ethnicities to call it home. Some migrated to the land for gold, other to escape religious persecution in European countries. From the early contact with Native Americans to the discrimination of illegal immigrants in present day, the history of Texas teems with examples of issues of races relations. Texas’ long battle with racism began with the discovery of the Mexico and Texas area in the 1500s by the Spanish. Motivated by the fabled riches and cities of gold to be found in the new world, these men, known as conquistadors, began a journey into unknown territory, and with them, brought immense…show more content…
The Crown of Spain continued his control of New Spain, but ceased the sending of new settlers to the territory. A new cultural group emerged during this time, called the Tejanos, Mexicans living in Texas. The Tejanos face some of the same discrimination today as they did in the 18th and 19th centuries, because they were neither fully Mexican or fully Texan. This became a major issue after the Texas revolution from Mexico, as many viewed the Tejanos as loyal to the Mexican side and disloyal to Texas. Additionally, during this period of establishing the new territory, many began to assimilate with the Native Americans (and some African Americans residing in the territory). This created new social and class structures as “Spanishness” began to determine wealth and prosperity. Tejanos and Mestizos found themselves at the lower end of this class structure. The Tejanos would continue to struggle to survive as farmers and…show more content…
Therefore, slave trade thrived in the colonies. Many Anglos argued that slavery greatly improved the economic status of the colonies and most Mexican officials, never mind their opposition and knowledge of the institution, allowed slave labor to happen. Additionally, many plantation owners wished to mimic the slave trade industry in the United States and treated Africans as assets. Many slaves attempted escape and, if successful, fled to live with Indian tribes or live within Mexican colonies. Furthermore, during this time of Mexican rule, Native American tribes fought to keep their independence and continued to fight with Anglos and Tejanos over land rights. Many of the tribes attempted to survive alongside the colonists by trading and

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