Race Riots: Race, Race And Race Unity In Malaysia

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The world has become a global village with the aid of advanced technology. Hence it is inevitable that people of different nationality, race or religion cannot escape living and working together. God has never discriminated between nations, in that all potentials of greatness are granted to all races. The earth is created for example, as floor for all peoples .These attributes of God teach us that we too should behave kindly towards our fellow beings since most people of the world adhere to one religion . No religion teaches violence. Rather, all of them teach peaceful co-existence, tolerance, humanness, love, caring and sharing as well as respect for constituted authorities. Peace and harmony continue to elude the world because man has refused to acknowledge that we are indispensable to each other, if a calamity besets one nation, others cannot escape sharing the consequences. The diversity in cultures, races and religions of the world are so rich and beautiful, that if properly harnessed and appreciated, the world will be a peaceful place indeed. If harmony does not exist among us, definitely a split will occur resulting in fights and bloodshed. Let 's take the story of the history of Malaya dated May 13, 1969. Race riots occurred and it is the highlight of the problem of unity in Malaysia. The tragedy that resulted in the loss of lives and property and has close links with the "Election 1969" is a black spot in the history of Malaysia. The dispute involves two

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