Rachel Anne Brockman Research Paper

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My name is Rachel Anne Brockman, born the 28th of March, 1976. I am a proud mother of six beautiful boys and one stepson. I am forty years old, and working towards acquiring my High School Diploma, which I 've struggled with getting in the past, so I can further my career and begin my life the right way. I 'm a pretty stubborn and independent person, loved by all, and hated by most. My interests are music, and singing, as it runs in my family. I was born in Ohio on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to two musicians in the Air Force Band. My mother was an airman, and my father was a Sergeant. I was born with a love for music, and when I was younger I swore I would become a star, but was always too shy to do anything about it. I remember hearing my mother sing and play her guitar, and my father would play the saxophone. Those were the good times.…show more content…
When I was five years old, my parents divorced. I then became angry and unruly, and in my teens I got involved in drugs, gangs, and was even sent to juvenile hall. I also got pregnant at a young age. This forced me to become an adult when it wasn 't necessary to. I could go on, but honestly I 'd end up writing a book about my life and I don 't think anyone wants to know what I 've gone through. In conclusion, I love who I am and who I have become. I 'm getting back on the right track in life, and I couldn 't ask for anything better. I may have done some bad things in the past, but I think everyone deserved a second chance. I hope these couple of paragraphs told you a little about myself, and I thank you for the chance to start my new career in
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