Rachel Dolezal Rhetorical Analysis

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A Paper on Rachel Dolezal
1. Outline
Text 1, Civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal misrepresented herself as black, claims parents, presents an objective view on the case: whether Rachel Dolezal is African American or not. The author, Jes-sica Elgot describes how Dolezal began to adapt her appearance as African American, and ex-plains in what manner her social circle had affected her. However, according to her parents, she has misrepresented herself as black and she has chosen not to be herself, but somebody she is not.
Text 2, Why black women feel so betrayed by Rachel Dolezal, presents a subjective view on the act of pretending to be black. The author, Kinouani states how unwarranted and unnecessary the case is. While so many black women
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The fact that she writes with a sensitive tone, she intensifies the message that she is against the attention the case of Ra-chel Dolezal is getting: “Imagine that you, as an overwhelmed bereaved parent, seek the support of a therapist or another professional to help you to come to term with your loss…” (ll. 1-10, s. 4). By creating a comparison between child loss and the case whether Dolezal is black or white, she is able to receive a wider group of readers, as the readers associate easier with child loss than a case of pretending black. The case of Dolezal address mostly to African American, while child loss address to everybody with a child. In addition, by using specific choice of words and sensitive occa-sion, she is able to talk to the feelings of the reader, and create sympathy for his message: that the case of Dolezal is unnecessary. Furthermore, Kinouani makes use of rhetorical questions followed by a direct answer: Would it make things more tolerable to know that this person was a renowned expert on grief? Would you feel grateful that his professional had spent much of their career working towards a better understanding of the experience of bereaved parents? I expect not…” (ll. 27-38, s. 5). By employing rhetorical question, followed by a clearly answer, she creates a one-way communication and convinces the reader about the fact that his opinion is the right…show more content…
As Adbul-Jabbar states in his article: Rachel Dolezal has given people courage to reveal their true identities, in which I agree. I do believe that she has acted out with a good intention, and I do as well believe, that she has felt it was her true identity. Likewise, just because you are an African American, it does not mean that you automatically belongs there. It is rather your social circle, which chooses where you belong. As Jessica Elgot described in her article: the reason why Dolezal began to adapt her appearance as African American was because of her social circle whom primarily was African Americans - which makes good sense, since the more you see them, the more you will like them. Yet, on the other hand, I also can imagine how it can easily cause problems, because revealing your true identity is not always as easy as expected. It can, at times, borrow trauma and psycho-logical distress, depending on what the revealing of your true identity is. Futhermore, as Kinouani states in her article that the case of Rachel Dolezal is unwarranted and unnecessary, is definitely correct. Many other African American women’s are suffering from racism, and are not getting the attention- and help there are needed. So what if Rachel Dolezal is black or white? No one blamed Michael Jackson when he made a

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