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Janet and Geoff Benge’s Rachel Saint: A Star in the Jungle The Benges’ moral theme makes Rachel Saint: A Star in the Jungle a great book to read because it teaches the difficult life lesson of pursuing the difficult tasks when it is apparent that it is necessary. Growing up in a modest Christian home, Rachel Saint taught her younger brothers all about Christ. Rachel knew from a young age that she wanted to become a missionary, specifically the Auca tribe. Being unaccepting of foreign people and extremely violent, the Aucas scared many missionaries away from their tribe. Rachel was being discouraged by her family and fellow missionaries. Nate, her younger brother, had a large influence on Rachel’s life. At the beginning of her journey,…show more content…
It has been heartening to know that the Lord has laid a specific burden on your heart also and that you are currently engaged in work on their language” (G. Benge & J. Benge, 2005, pp. 94). Nate’s support of Rachel’s calling in life changed her life. She immediately felt a stronger pull to continue her work as a missionary in the Auca territory. Rachel continued to see signs that her destiny was to work with this tribe. With her brother, Nate’s death, Rachel felt more compelled to follow her calling because she wanted to devote her life to people she loved, just as she devoted her young life to teach Nate and her other brothers about the Lord. Wanting to demonstrate Rachel’s compelling spirit, Geoff and Janet Benge used the following statement: “Yes, her brother was dead, killed by the very people to who she had devoted the rest of her life to reaching with the gospel, but Rachel would not look back or second-guess her calling” (G. Benge & J. Benge, 2005, pp. 101). Determined to spread the word of the Lord, Rachel was willing to put herself in harms way. She knew the people of Auca needed to hear the Gospel as quickly as possible. After her brother, Nate, and four other men were speared to death, a year and five

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