Rachel Bread Vs Claude Monet Analysis

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This report discusses about the artistic practices and concepts of two popular artists in the history Rachel Whiteread and Claude Monet. The objective of focusing on their artistic practices is to get a clear understanding of what they tried to elaborate through their artwork
Artistic practice of Mr. Rachel Whiteread:
Rachel Whiteread is an English artist, born in 1963. Having studied art at Brighton and Slade School of Art in London, her artistic practice focuses on building intimate and domestic sculptures as well as drawings (Stifler, 2009).Whiteread's drawings evoke the notion of absence and presence. There are several common characteristics in drawings and sculpture work, such as glossiness, transparency, fragility, slippery and boldness.
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His greatest contribution to art is the cultivation of the modern art concept, known as 'impressionism'(Claude Monet, 2004). It is an artistic philosophy which changed the then accepted perception of color and light.His artistic style is characterized by the use of feathery strokes of the paint brush to depict the play of light with respect to the time. He believed that depicting 'time' in a painting is more important than the 'plot', and was interested in using his painting to capture the feel of the moment. As per Monet
"One does not paint countryside, a view, a figure. One paints an impression of an hour of the day (Brussat and Brussat, n.d.)."
Monet painted more and more paintings of landscapes during 1872-1877, which contributed to impressionism, develop as a group style. During this time, he exhibited most of his work in group shows which dominated impressionism. His most notable art piece illustrating impressionism was the painting done in 1874, known as Impression: Sunrise.
In the practice of impressionism, artists use natural methods to add lighting in their artwork.For example, when painting a landscape or an outdoor scene, an impressionist artist works for a short period of time during the day - be it morning, afternoon or evening. When the natural lighting changes with time, the artist stops his work and comes back at the same time on the next day to proceed with the rest of the
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