White Habitus Research Paper

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White habitus can be used to explain white 's residential and social segregation. One way this rings true is by the locations on where they live. With Bonilla-Silver and Embrick interview with white students, only four of the 41 students claimed they lived in neighborhoods with a significant black or minority presence (p. 327). Whites may not try to do this, but they seem to live in different places compared to people of color. Obviously, this leads to whites and colored people being segregated from each other 's lives. Schooling also is used to explain white 's residential and social segregation. People go to segregated schools these days, but that does not mean that the students hang out with the other races. One interviewee explained how…show more content…
One student in Bonilla-Silver and Embrick 's interviews states about colored people that "they just kind of clique with those people and at first I was like, I guess you are always kind of taken aback by it when you see, like, a whole table of minorities, it 's harder to go up to people and talk to them" (p. 332-333). These students seemed to believe that people of color did not always try to venture outside of their race to hang out with people too. If whites and colored both were only hanging within their race, there is no question to why students were not always intergraded as much as schools wanted when hanging out outside of…show more content…
Many people explained that it could be more difficult for the kids to be raised with two different cultures. For example, as on interviewee explains, if the child is half white and half black, they may not be excepted into the white culture because they are part black, but they may not be fully accepted into the black culture because they have some whiteness in them (p. 337). This could lead to the children being picked on or teased, which obviously, no parents wants that to happen to their child. In the end, most people seem to be acceptable of interracial marriages, but the one main concern they have is how the children will be affected by being raised by to different racial
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