Examples Of Socioeconomic Inequalities In Healthcare

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Healthcare is important because it enables people to be physical, mentally, and physically fit. It ensures that people have a good quality of life and are productive individuals in the society. However, the dream of high-quality healthcare for all is still a mirage. The discussion aims to examine the racial and the socioeconomic inequalities and examine their effect on the delivery of healthcare in the society. The global injustice that I am addressing is the racial and the socioeconomic inequalities, and their effect on the healthcare outcomes in different communities globally. Racial inequalities illustrate the difference in the health services and outcomes among the patients from various racial and ethnic communities. An example is the differences in health outcomes between the American Caucasians and the African Americans (Dossey 9). The social inequalities illustrate the difference in healthcare between…show more content…
Rich households have good health outcomes because they can afford insurance and expensive medical procedures like surgeries. However, the poor households have insufficient health outcomes because they cannot afford life-saving medication and health services (Paradies et al. 373). Healthcare inequality is an injustice because it prevents all individuals from accessing high-quality healthcare that they can afford. As a result, a significant proportion of the society, who comprise the minority groups and the low-income households, suffer from the inadequate access to the important health care services like vaccinations, surgeries, and terminal care (Schroeder). Societies should have mechanisms of cushioning the vulnerable members of the society so that they can receive good health care. In the United States, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is an example of a strategy that improves access to quality healthcare by all individuals in the

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