Racial Attitudes And Prejudice In The Bahamian

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Introduction The Bahamian society is an elaborate and beautiful blend of different races and ethnic groups which plays an important role in the construction of the Bahamian culture. The diversity present in our community influences our social and cultural identity which is constructed through our realities. The racial and ethnic components of the Bahamian population consist of 85% Black, 12% White and 3% Asian and Hispanic. The nationalities present in the country include Haitians, Jamaicans and other West Indians, Cubans, Greeks, Lebanese and Chinese. But despite this reality, there are racial attitudes, prejudice and stereotypes present in our society. Racial attitudes and prejudice can be defined as an unjustifiable negative attitude toward a group and its members and stereotypes are beliefs and attributes held about a particular group. In the study conducted, there will be an evaluation of the attitudes and stereotypes held against a particular racial group present in the Bahamian society – the Chinese. Asians and Hispanics in the Bahamian population makes up 3% which means that the Chinese makes up less than 3%( due to the fact that Asian population may also consist of Koreans, Filipinos, Japanese and so forth) This group makes up such a small portion of the population, yet it is perceived and suspected that there are strong negative attitudes and stereotypes against the group. The study took on the perspective of this group as viewed by the Bahamian society which

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