Lion King Interpretation

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Racial interpretation.
The most consistent critique of the film involves race and ethnicity, "According to such critics, the royal lion's fiefdom which lies in the sun is distinct from the outer "border" areas in the dark, inhabited by hungry hyenas who have designs to take over the sunlit kingdom. To underscore the symbolism of color, the lions are light colored (except for the lion villain, Scar) while the hyenas are animated as darker colored characters" (Lauren, D. Alan, D, 2006, p.480). During the time lion king was produced, there was a constant attempt on the part of California and the federal border patrol to detain immigrants from Mexico and Central America form illegally crossing the border into the United States in an attempt to
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The hero is banished from his homeland or lives in exile voluntary, is brought up by foster parents or parent surrogates before finally acknowledging the hero's call to return home to defeat the villain and make take hold of his rightful position as heir to the throne. Another interpretation is suggested that the film borrows from Shakespeare classic Hamlet. "One essay entitled "The Lion King and Hamlet: A Homecoming for the Exiled Child" employs both these interpretations, but some essays feature only the borrowing from Hamlet. There are other allusions to Shakespeare's works. The name of the meercat is Timon and the villain Scar has green eyes. He is jealous of his brother Mufasa and nephew Simba. The green eyes suggest the line in Othello referring to jealousy as "the green-eyed monster" (Lauren, D. Alan, D, 2006,…show more content…
Nor did they dismiss the suggestions that the intensity on borders keeping unaccepted animals away from the protected kingdom may echo with anti-immigrant and anti-minority prejudice seen among some middle-class white property -owners. The basic oedipal plot will still carry on however with some new variation and twits, either it be a girl getting rid of a wicked step Mother, as in Snow White or Cinderella, or a boy conquering a make adult father figure, the family romance endures to echo even if the characters are viewed as anthropomorphic animals and the setting is made exotic by having the story based in Arica. From the 1990s to recent years, the Lion King has become widely popular internationally among nations, this a be due to its positive depiction of
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