Racial Distinctions

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Racial distinctions between Africans Americans and Caucasians have been used to justify significant differences in jobs, policing and housing, leading to great injustices. If we want to address those injustices we need to change the way we think about what our society needs to do in order to strive. The racial influence on finding jobs for African Americans in modern society still worsens as discrimination still decides who gets the job or the promotion. For example, if two qualified males of both races applied for a job the one who would be called up for the job is most likely the Caucasian male. I believe this because of the statistics that have been shown to me and our society countless times. Those statistics showing that the average African…show more content…
In my perspective through what I have seen and lived through society tends to judge African Americans based on where they live. The majority of African Americans live in secluded areas like the projects. Their chances of having a future outside of their neighborhood or area are little to none. So many factors have been seen that take down each person who has grown up in the vicinity. Those factors being, tempted into joining gangs, abusing drugs or even selling drugs for that matter. They usually just become a product of their community. The public needs to distribute better housing for African Americans, so the future generations can have a better chance at finding stability outside of their…show more content…
I believe this because of the connections that they hold and the knowledge that they attain about life as they’ve grown up is just better. In a way, I feel like there more privileged in society than African Americans because of the chances they get in life. I also want to add that their unemployment rate is half the African American rate when the rate should be equal towards both groups. Although their unemployment rate is down they have the audacity to blame foreigners for taking their jobs. The general collective of Caucasians just doesn’t want to say that their just lazy and will not do the same kind of jobs that foreigners will do to make
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