Racial Differing Effects By Race

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Discrimination and are problematic parts of our culture tangled within the American history. For the majority of U.S. citizens these parts of our culture die out after the civil rights movement, but for the ethnic minorities this is far from the truth. These ugly aspects of our culture that once thrived in the shadows praying poor and minorities, has recently had light shed on it with event of the few years. The racial tension being made worst with statements being made by republican presidential front Donald Trump, saying we should ban Muslims from the country. These open discriminatory statements can have devastating effect the Muslim communities and our country as a whole. In the wake of this tension in our country my Research Methods class used the tried lost letters experiment to try measure the attitude toward Muslims in Columbus and its surrounding areas.…show more content…
The wounds left this act usually psychological, but can take serous physical toll as well. The cumulative effects of being a victim of discrimination puts in the category of a chronic stressor. In his article “Does Religion Buffer the Effects of Discrimination on Mental Health? Differing Effects by Race” Alex Biermann states that discrimination is chronic because they are more longstanding and frequent”. Biermann explains that even micro aggressions accumulated can wear on an individual’s psyche and may lead to mental health problems. Discriminatory of any kind, is damaging, no matter how big or small the act
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