Racial Discrimination Against African Americans

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* The Chair Report will be provided with overall historical backgrounds of racial discriminations against African descendants and circumstances of each country in Africa. This section will be occupied to briefly inform the issue and its importance in the Background Information. Discrimination against African nations is a politically and socially sensitive issue that has been existed since European imperialism in the 19th century. This issue is so sensitive that it is a taboo in usual conversations to say such a pejorative word like Negro, which is replaced to “N-word.” The reason why the committee has chosen the issue to be drawn attention is because there still exists remaining discrimination throughout the world, even there are some laws…show more content…
Overall Cases of Racism Against African Descendants
There are around 200 million people identifying themselves as being of African descent live in the Americas. Many millions more live in other parts of the world, outside of the African continent.
Whether as descendants of the victims of the transatlantic slave trade or as more recent migrants, they constitute some of the poorest and most marginalized groups. Studies and findings by international and national bodies demonstrate that people of African descent still have limited access to quality education, health services, housing and social security. Children pose in a camp for internally displaced people (Haiti 2012). UN Photo/Logan Abassi
In many cases, their situation remains largely invisible, and insufficient recognition and respect has been given to the efforts of people of African descent to seek redress for their present condition. They all too often experience discrimination in their access to justice, and face alarmingly high rates of police violence, together with racial profiling.
Furthermore, their degree of political participation is often low, both in voting and in occupying political
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Magdalena "Piyuya" Mora Herrera, leader of the Gangá Longobá (Cuba) © Sergio Leyva Seiglie, They Are We Project
The promotion and protection of human rights of people of African descent has been a priority concern for the United Nations. The Durban Declaration and Programme of Action acknowledged that people of African descent were victims of slavery, the slave trade and colonialism, and continue to be victims of their consequences.
The Durban process raised the visibility of people of African descent and contributed to a substantive advancement in the promotion and protection of their rights as a result of concrete actions taken by States, the United Nations, other international and regional bodies and civil society.
Still, despite these advances, racism and racial discrimination, both direct and indirect, continue to manifest themselves in inequality and disadvantage.

II. Causes of Racism Against African Descendants
i) European
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