Racial Discrimination Against African Americans Research Paper

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Surveyors on the website Survelum were asked to close their eyes and to imagine a criminal and then identify the race of this criminal, the majority clicked African-American. Why is this? Racism is embedded in the world around us. It’s carefully and deceitfully weaved into society, attacking African-American adults and children, but these racists are hard to identify. They are the media we see, the law enforcement we thought to trust, the education system we have learned from and people in general. With all research evidences, I can prove that racial discrimination against African-Americans still exist in America today. Racial discrimination against African-Americans still exist today because media depict them in disregarding ways. Media is all around us, it’s there when we check our phones in the morning until we shut of our…show more content…
The criminal justice system is supposed to be fair and is there to keep us safe, but due to all the evidences it is true that the criminal- justice system do discriminate against African-Americans. As stated in, in 2010, African-Americans receives 10% longer sentences than whites, through the federal system with the same crimes. This shows that discrimination and bias is surprisingly circulating through the criminal-justice system, which proves that racial discrimination against African-Americans are well alive. Although this might not affect all African Americans, the majority is treated unfairly. In the same way, as reported by, 80% of New York Police Department stops were blacks, 85% of those blacks were searched, but when whites were stopped 8% were searched! The criminal-justice system is supposed to be reliable and a fair system to maintain law and order in the country,but why aren’t they controlling this dangerous crime of racism and
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