Laws Promote Racial Discrimination Essay

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Do laws promote racial discrimination.Historically, the United States government has practiced race discrimination in various forms. Many citizens suffer unequal treatment due to their race in various settings including: employment, credit, housing, public accommodations, and voting. To address the issue, law makers enacted several federal laws to combat discrimination. Many states have civil rights laws of their own which mirror those at the federal level, and many states extend these protections to LGBT individuals and other classes of individuals in addition to racial minorities. In addition, municipalities like cities and counties can enact ordinances and laws related to civil rights.
Below are descriptions of federal laws that prohibit discrimination based on race.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964: Title VII
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Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act
The Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act provides for equitable and impartial relief operations, without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, nationality, sex, age, or economic status during an official emergency or disaster.
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Have you been treated unfairly based on your race? Did the mistreatment greatly impact your life? Whether it is discrimination in education, on the job, housing, public accommodations, or another area, anti-discrimination laws are here to protect you. However, the laws are complex. An experienced attorney can help you determine if you have a valid claim. You can check out FindLaw 's attorney directory today for professional legal help with your claim. of 1965 (VRA) bans the denial or restriction of the right to vote and forbids discrimination in voting practices on the basis of race and color
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