Racial Discrimination In African American History

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In the natural world rainbow is the symbol of beauty and happiness, the rainbow contains seven colors while each color has its own meaning & character. Moreover, in the human world reflects the lives of the people for better aspirations, and, humankind also has different races all over the world. In fact, the world is a biological nature and unexplainable which race has the authority to dominate the world. However, racial discrimination exists in many countries, and, skin colors just simply judge the value of people. In American history during the period the power struggle among various interest groups, ethnic minorities are still discriminated against and marginalized by white and mainstream in society. The majority of immigrants of the Asian…show more content…
In addition, their children were forced to study in schools separate from American children, after the historical event from Chinese immigrants in this period resulting in affected the else greatly. Before the issue of the immigration Act of 1965, the US decision made based on the family reunion or contain needed skills would give priority to them live in the US. Therefore, they would not identify racial and ethnic approve of another ethnic live in the US. The African American "forgotten war" in 1812 caused by the inequality and lack of freedom in the US, and, the white people had prejudice and black autonomy in the history, however after American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and other leaders had liberated slavery in 1965. In the fall of 1906, “segregation plan began, triggering a significant negative reaction in Japan” (P.11). Japan was considering as a forbidding nation than China. The international relations have played an important role in the United States cannot afford to ignore Japan’s continuously migrated to the United States. As a result, an informal agreement called “Gentlemen’s Agreement” has been…show more content…
In the terms only focused on European American and African American without mentioned about the skin color of Asian American. Therefore, the “political authority” of Asian Americans as instead was shaping critically by racialization and its accompanying denial of political rights, leaving them with very little political power for many years. Similarly, in the nineteenth century, many American compare European, they were superior more than Asian American. On the other hand, in many histories describe in the US created to divide humans into separate groups, with one usually receiving favored
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