Racial Discrimination In College Admissions

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In the pursuit of knowledge one should not be discriminated against in regards to race, religion, sex, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. These factors should not be factored in when making decisions for the undergraduate admissions in universities. Academic performance should be the priority when the selection is made because there are several disadvantages for making decisions based on, let’s say race. Some of them include violating the rights of people, promoting a biased and unjust society, widening the social and financial inequalities between the races. Also it results in under qualification of that race and can lead to failure in the future.
In 2008, a female student named Abigail Fisher applied for undergraduate admission to University of Texas; however, she was denied admission to the university. Fisher’s argument over this rejection was racial discrimination. She filled a lawsuit against the university because she felt racially discriminated as many minority
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People cannot choose their race when they are born, rather they have choice to work hard and excel in life. There should be standards on admission criteria based on academic achievements. It violates their right as an equal citizen of the country when they face discrimination based on race. Fourteenth Amendment protects the equal rights of the citizens and any discrimination towards them. It would not be fair to people to certain race not being admitted because of their skin color or ethnicity. It could be really difficult for the under qualified students to keep up with the university standards. Many students fail their classes because the course load is unbearable to them. This leads to negative thinking and causes stress; many students choose to drop out. Students feel that they are putting a large amount of money towards their education and failing classes wastes all of
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