Racial Discrimination In Elliot's Brown Eyes Blue Eyes

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Q1. In the experiment titled, “Brown Eyes Blue Eyes,” Elliot tests the boundary of racial discrimination, stereotypes and the undesirable effect it brings to young, intelligent minds. The notion that discriminatory statements can be quickly internalized - to the extent of collapsing strong bonds of friendship - prompts one to question the power of authority and how easy it is for children to be indoctrinated and submit to a certain belief without questioning the basis of it. She uncovers several interesting concepts, all of which will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Based on the experiment, Elliot discovers how quickly pupils regard their classmates - most of whom they have been friends with for the longest time - as enemies, all within a short period of time. This led to the dominant group, the blue-eyed pupils, to openly discriminate brown-eyed pupils although there was no such distinction made between them the day before. For a day, these pupils treated their brown-eyed classmates rudely, calling them names, and Elliot quoted, “I watched what had been …marvelous, cooperative children turn into nasty, vicious, discriminating third graders in a space of fifteen minutes.” This phenomenon can be explained through Beverly Tatum’s concept of domination and subordination. Pupils in the dominated group acted the way they did as they believed that being in the dominant group gave them such rights. Tatum (1997) states that “…dominant groups hold the power and

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