Racial Discrimination In Health Care

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Over the course of the semester I started maintaining a health journal and updated as much as I could almost every day. I thought the activity would be strenuous, but it highly contributed in my diagnosis as I could simply refer to the symptoms I had experienced over a duration and not be caught off guard as I usually am whenever a doctor asked me what kind of symptoms I had been experiencing. I will cite the major events that occurred and how I went about this treatment whether in hospitals or just in a clinic. Full disclosure, I have always been lactose intolerant, I am allergic to peanut butter and my family has a history of diabetes. The first major incident happened on March 4, on my friend’s birthday, it was a jovial time with plenty…show more content…
Socioeconomic differences are closely tied to income, for instance, immigrant workers have a low income and are therefore unable to access quality care as they can barely afford it, they therefore cannot afford private hospitals and therefore flock public hospitals whose quality of care is wanting. On the other hand a bureaucrat on wall street can be able to afford the highest quality of care and its more likely he is of the white race while the immigrant is Latino there is therefore a sharp contrast between the two indicates that race is a factor in health provision and may even contribute to discrimination in the provision of health services. Socio economic status also affects the perception the doctor has of the patient, as I realized from an experience whereby the doctor was talking to an immigrant his tone was condescending, cold and arrogant, but when the same doctor was talking to a well dressed lady who appeared affluent his tone was warm, polite and friendly. This therefore differences in socioeconomic stratification affected doctor patient communication. From my time in the hospital I also noted underrepresentation of racialized groups in the medical profession which contributed to the discrimination in health care system, since the minorities did not have…show more content…
I am not really an adventurous person and am not used to being outside, there were a lot of bugs and insects and I was not really comfortable. Hygiene was not really a consideration during the trip and after I experience a very bad case of diarrhea. I was unable to do anything of use and locked myself in my room for a while. My temperature was over the roof and I was feeling really bad. I decided to go the clinic nearby in order to get some help. The facilities available were limited, a small lab and two doctors who part timed here, medicine students also volunteered in order to help out and gain some experience. I noted among these students, few were of black or Spanish descent, which the further emphasizes the point made earlier about underrepresentation of the minority races in the medical world. The majority of the interns were white who also seemed to be from affluent backgrounds by their dress code. The minority groups present here also seemed well to do as there was an impression of arrogance about them. This implies underrepresentation of the lower social classes in the professional which is favored by children from rich families as it is a respectable profession. This may explain why little is done to formulate policies that would help the poor access quality healthcare and the treatment of doctors to patient

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