Racial Discrimination In James Baldwin's Going To Meet The Man

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The hardest task to diminish all the racial bias or racial discrimination is to let those who enjoy the sense of racial supremacy to accept the fact that people are all born equal and people are all created the same underneath their skin. It is always easy for people to feel that they are superior to others, and by doing so, it makes it much easier for them to own the power in society. In James Baldwin’s “Going to Meet the Man”, the protagonist, Jesse, evidently shows the difficulties of giving up the sense of racial supremacy as a white man. From Jesse’s perspective of the rise of the African-American people, readers could know that the reason why he doesn’t dare to face the reality is because the rise of the African-American actually symbolizes the loss of his masculinity which is presented through the way that how he uses the religious, sexual, and political aspects to degrade the African-American people. Before the abolishment of slavery, the white uses the Bible to rationalize what they have done to the African-American people during that time. In James Baldwin’s “Going to Meet the Man”, readers could see how Jesse, the protagonist, uses the religious perspective to rationalize the way how he degrades the African-American people as well, which can also be interpreted as the way how he defends his masculinity as a white man. In order to show that the African-American is actually the mistake of the almighty creator -- God, he says “The niggers. What had the good Lord
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