Racial Discrimination In Malaysia

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Racial Problems/Discriminations in Malaysia 1. Introduction Malaysia is a multi-racial country. There are a lot of races that can be found in Malaysia such as Malay, Indian, Sikh, Chinese, Iban, Dayak, Bidayuh, Kadazan Dusun, Bajau, Murut and so on. Initially, the Malays are the highest ethnic group of more than 50% in this country followed by the Chinese ethnic and Indian and Sikh ethnic. These ethnics are separated into two citizens; 1. Bumiputera citizens which are Malay and the other Bumiputera that is usually those ethnics from the West Malaysia. 2. Non-Bumiputera citizens which consist of Chinese, Indians and other. These races have their own language, beliefs and religions that they have been practicing since they took their first breath…show more content…
Discriminations usually occur in schools and the social networks. This discrimination issue is commonly happen between the Malays, the Chinese and Borneo people. Discrimination always lead to racism as they would stereotype how the Malays, Chinese and the Borneo people are when they did something bad. For example, a Malay student who went to Chinese school will be discriminated by the teachers and students regardless how intelligent one is. The student would not get the chance to be in the first class because that one particular student might get a better future compared to the Chinese students in that one particular school. Malaysians also frequently discriminate the Malays by stereotyping that the Malays are usually lazy in general and always take things for granted. Other than that, the Malays have a privilege when it comes to boarding school. There are around 90% of the Bumiputera Citizens in MARA Junior Science College (MJSC) or known as Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM) and the remaining percent is from other races and ethnicities. For other ethnics, this can be considered as unfair as they have been struggling hard to get accepted into boarding schools but they could not enter that one particular school just because they are not from the Bumiputera citizens. This is because, the Bumiputeras’ have a privilege especially in studies where they do not have to study that hard to get into local boarding…show more content…
These issues that has been stated above are the issues that has been happening in Malaysia all these while. “I’m all for the one-school system. I don’t think we should encourage the existence of vernacular schools. If the children are going to be Malaysians, they should study and play together.” (Noor Farida, 2016). By going to the primary and secondary government school instead of the vernacular schools, Malaysians can fight racism easily as the children will learn to make friends and bond with people from other ethnics to break racism inside them. This step of banning racism would definitely create an open minded generations and can accept every judgements and compliments with an open heart and learn to improvise

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