Racial Discrimination In Media

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Lights, camera, action! No, this isn’t about a movie. It’s about the public being behind screens recording and having the ability to say whatever they want, to muslims and other minority races. These races are being discriminated on media. Civilians who might go over on these news articles, blogs, posts, tweets, might have different emotions on how to feel. Would they go against the problem and make a difference or go along with it. What would you do? There are many opinions on addressing race on media. Proponents believe they when these specific races are being discriminated on media they should be more strict and have consequences for their actions but opponents believe when the public is being discriminated on media, it’s to show that these people are not great for the public, they might even include recent facts about how countries are being destroyed and there are killings by these specific race. I argue that racial discrimination on the media should be addressed more than it already is. I think this because hearing horrible news can cause poor mental and physical health. (“Trump is a Textbook Racist” - Jay A. Pearson) Minority races are still shown more negatively in media than white people. (“Disrupting Implicit Racial Bias and Other Forms of Discrimination to Improve Access Achievement, and Wellness for Students of Color” - David J. Johns) Also there are videos on media, about people getting verbally abused especially races that are constantly attacked. Surprisingly

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