Racial Discrimination In Racism

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Racism is a cultural bias pertaining to the belief that there is a distinct human race and that one race is superior to another. Developed by Europeans to justify their enslavement of the ‘Others’, they have maintained racial tendencies and attempts to dehumanize colored people as ‘savage’ and uncivilized to support their inflicted maltreatment of them. Racism is real. Though many strides have been made in efforts to exact the devastation imposed on colored peoples’ dignity and rights to liberty, communal relations remain stained. Just as we live in a world where even visas have varying values, discrimination has become an undeniable reality – hindrances to playful world traveling. If we cannot identify with anyone outside of our world, it becomes easier to abuse and oppress them because of a lack of love (seeing oneself in the ‘Other’). W.E.B. Dubois had a desire to see America interpreted through the acknowledgement of two very different worlds merging through African and White Americanism (McKenna & Pratt, 2015). Or as it were, racial barriers should be acknowledged and both sides study to merge and unify. The past should not be forgotten, but instead utilized to learn how to unite in acceptance. DuBois insisted this happen in order to counteract the influence of stereotypes on race where minorities are mired by their color (McKenna & Pratt, 2015). The color line is but one concept that America needs to have erased but is an important one. In order for blacks (as
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