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Performing Arts "The world is a complicated place, and there's a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does." (Rubenstein) This quote refers to how the performing arts is a source of unity of people of different race and religion. Through most of the performances we watch, it tackles issues such as racial discrimination. These performances, unites people of different race and religion as it reinforces equality amongst each other. The performing arts also motivates people to create new and unique types of art forms in which people can be more persuaded to listen or to watch the different kinds of performances. However, the performing arts may also be considered a negativity. The performing…show more content…
The performing arts has currently more than hundreds of genres but sometimes people tend to create newer genres. These people are inspired to create new genres so that their audiences who listens or watches their art form will be captivated or riveted. Some of the new art forms can begin with just a mixture of two genres or it can be started from just a trend. One of the examples of mixture of genre is 'Jazzstep'. It is a mixture of DJ-produced electronic music with traditional jazz or blues melodies. This genre is not widely famous but artists such as Pretty Lights and RJD2 have been expanding the genre ever since. Other artists that have been widely producing these type of music are Gramatik, Big Gigantic, Free The Robots. Another example of combination of genres of is CDM or Country Dance Music. It is when a 4-on-the-floor beat and electronic production are filled with country-like tune and vocals. Examples of songs which has this type of genre are 'Wake Me Up' by Avicci and Aloe Blacc or Pitbull's 'Timber'. An example of new types of dance moves or dance styles are widely known as trends. Some of these dance moves are promulgated across social media such as Twitter or YouTube. Examples of this are the 'Harlem Shake' or The 'Crank That Soulja Boy' move. The Harlem went viral when videos of it were being posted in YouTube, more and more people have started…show more content…
In today's worlds, race and religion are often being used as a way of bullying and discrimination. The performing arts is slowly resolving this issues one by one by showcasing different type of performances from music to plays. Such examples are “Fences,” a play by August Wilson. It is play that focuses on a family of African Americans which is set in the 1950s where their race are still considered as a minority. The show's main character is an African American male who was a former baseball player but as he faced difficulties due to racial discrimination he then worked as a garbage collector. Now he tackles the problem to be able to support his family. So this play is "a show about redemption. It’s a show about hope" which will influence others who have such difficulty to still have aspiration to face it. Another example is "Black Pearl Sings". The play is set in the 1920s when it was still the slavery era. It focuses on two characters who is a white woman and an African American woman who forms the unlikeliest of friendships through singing and music. The play shows race does not matter when it comes to

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