How Does Racial Discrimination Affect Society

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Racial Discrimination: influence on Society Throughout history, racial discrimination has been an issue all over the world and still is currently. Racial discrimination is being treated as less than another person for their skin color, ethnicity, or immigrant status. There has been a number of ways to discriminate over the years. For example, not hiring someone for a job because their skin color, harassing someone over a disability, or having favoritism like skin or religion in a workplace environment. Racial discrimination is a mayor conflict in society because it spreads hate, ignorance, and the insensitivity of the real issue people go through every day. Since the year 1492, which is when European settlers began colonizing America, Native Americans were being enslaved for looking different . Punishment can vary, but mostly consisted of deprived water and food, being beaten, or killed. Europeans tried to spread Christianity and when Native…show more content…
That person was Emmett Till, he died with no justice, no rights, and no reasoning for his death except false accusations. He was accused “for allegedly flirting with a white woman” (This Day in History). His body was deformed, the only way to identify him was the ring he had worn. His mother Mami Bradley, requested to have an open-casket so the world can see the cruel, and racist murderers did to her fourteen year old son. The results of these actions were incredibly biased when it was an all white jury who claimed the men were not guilty. Later, In 2017 Carolyn Bryant who accused Emmett Till of harassing her was a perjury, she said “Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him” (This Day in History). Cases similar to Emmett Till were more than enough reason to begin the civil rights movement and boycotting buses to show white supremacist they did not win, it would be just the beginning of a
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