Racial Discrimination

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Racial distinctions between Africans Americans and Caucasians have been used to justify significant differences in jobs, policing and housing, leading to great injustices. If we want to address those injustices we need to change the way we think about what our society needs to do in order to strive. The racial influence on finding jobs for African Americans in modern society still worsens as discrimination still decides who gets the job or the promotion. For example, if two qualified males of both races applied for a job the one who would be called up for the job is most likely the Caucasian male. I believe this because of the statistics that have been shown to me and our society countless times. Those statistics showing that the average African American male or female with a high degree of education or not still has a higher chance of being unemployed. It is not only about education or social position, employers will not even hire a male of color because of the name. If I was a parent I would definitely feel pressured to give my child a more common Caucasian name so they could have a better chance in the future at getting a job. I can definitely say that about myself, as my mother told me she named me after a Caucasian actor named Gregory Peck, and this would be irrelevant if people did not tell me through my years of high school and even now that “I have one of the whitest names ever”. Society’s employers should not be breaking down people’s worthiness of a job by their

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