Racial Diversity In America

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Diversity is a topic that is very sensitive to society today unfortunately there are people out there who take it to extremes. It’s the uniqueness of an individual who are different in their own way rather it is race, ethnicity, gender, beliefs, and social standing. However, people see others who are different as an alien basically in our society. America is made up of various ethnicities, race, etc basically we are a mixed breed or a mutt, Different cultures came to America to escape the wars and fights that were going on in their country. Our country represents freedom but instead of working together we are fighting each other for being different such as enslaving African Americans. There are a lot of prejudice people out there who can’t get past the appearance of someone their attitude towards someone is sometimes unethical and causes violence. As far as accepting someone who is different America has gotten better at it we have programs for these types of support. America at first didn’t accept other ethnicities but as time passed we gradually began to accept them and for some don’t see a difference. Categories still exist unfortunately separating us in distasteful ways like minorities still to this day exists. We describe the minorities these would-be…show more content…
As Donald Trump is trying to build a wall to keep immigrants out of America which defeats the meaning of America and what it stands for and what us as Americans have fought for. As soon as America seems free of diversity it always gets slapped in the face with another issue and it keeps being brought back. Just like a few years ago when gays weren’t allowed to marry and after fighting for so long they earned the right to marry when this came to front several couples had their weddings that same day. So thankfully America has progressed but there are still individuals out there who discriminate like no

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