Racial Diversity In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“Seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, feeling with a heart of another.” In which was said by Alfred Adler, demonstrates a great theme that was displayed in both To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, and real life. The theme is to always consider someone else's position by walking in their shoes before you claim to know a person. For many years, people have taken action into assuming that everything heard is true, without considering the person's current position, emotional state, or their outlook on life, this action has caused many dilemmas. As Harper Lee portrayed throughout the book, you must walk in someone else's shoes before you truly know them. Harper Lee shows the readers many examples of situations…show more content…
In daily events, problems with race conflict occur. As found oftenly in colleges and universities and everywhere else throughout the world, people are judged upon the color of their skin. Studies find, “This encounter with racial diversity can either diminish or solidify racial stereotypes…” By people creating stereotypes, they are believing the false accusations. This in which is an action that should not take place. Those who act upon these people lose out on the opportunity to truly know those people and understand them to the fullest of their ability. This is one example in which the lesson to know someone, you have to first walk in their…show more content…
This action causes some to feel threatened, and later on will create negative emotions and behaviors. During an interview, Bahns stated “People may not think that they’re biased, but prejudice is driving the perception of threat.” By being biased you are not considering the truth about people and their lives. Therefore, you are not inheriting the knowledge about those people. This is another way the lesson that you need to walk in someone’s shoes in order to know someone. This is an important life lesson everyone should know. The lesson that states in order to truly know someone, you have to walk in someone's shoes. By considering others current situations, emotional states, and how they view life, you can proceed to learn people's reasonings toward their actions. There are many ways Harper Lee proved to us that in order to know someone, you should walk in their shoes. From Scout learning to put herself in someone else's place, and see objectives from their positions, to in daily life involving the lesson is brought upon. It is proven to know someone, you must walk in their

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