Racial Economic Equality Analysis

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America has long faced criticism due to some of its social issues with various groups of people. Consequently, the central thought that the article is trying to point out is that the United States has long had a problem with its lack of racial economic equality. One way the article conveys this message to the reader is that various studies show that black annual incomes are significantly lower than the average annual income, and that the gap between white income and black income is very large. Another way the article sends the message to the reader is when the article talks about how this conflict was derived and why this is happening in our society, and the reason why America doesn’t have racial economic equality is because of our history with racism and treating blacks as inferior to whites.…show more content…
One final way the article tries to emphasize the importance of racial economic inequality in America is when it talks about the future and how we should deal with this problem. For instance, studies taken prove that if we don 't do something about this soon, there will be even more serious consequences in the future, with the possibility of no black income within less than 40
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