Racial Inequalities In America

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Today, racial inequalities are one of the main disputes in society. For most, there has to be a hierarchy of humanity, a status that separates one from another. The favorable factor that comes into play has mostly been race and religion. Differences between people cause discomfort and an inability to comprehend the other’s separate beliefs, physical attributes, or practices. In this way, people began to believe that one is better than the other, and something is wrong with those who tend to differ from what is considered “normal”. One of the origins of racism stems from the mistreatment of African Americans; those whose pigment was brown, therefore they were not human, but animals or savages. As these theories spread, thus began the corruption…show more content…
If this was to fail, with the plethora of slaves on each farm, they would be able to overtake their master. For a while, this method was successful, the masters used tactics to scare the slaves into subordinance, such as gory public punishments. Slaves were often beaten, whipped, hung, and mutilated when they rebelled, even against the smallest things; female slaves were sexually assaulted. For when slaves did as they were told, the masters showcased that behavior with favors, special treatment, and praise. Even though the masters maltreated their slaves, they also attempted to keep them happy so that they would not organize against them. While marriage was on no legal basis, it was allowed, and slaves began to build families on their farms. For this reason, slaveholders avoided separating them. Even with these tactics in mind, riots broke out. Most were unsuccessful, but others were able to pull through. The most notable slave riot was in 1831 when Nat Turner and his group of around seventy slaves massacred sixty white men in less than two days before being stopped by state militia. This rebellion only enhanced the feelings of the slavery supportive southerners, who used the event to further prove that slaves were barbaric and in need of suppression. The abolitionist northerners disagreed, seeing it as an act of desperation and a call for help. The rift between whites and blacks and the continuous mistreatment of slaves soon led to the Abolitionist Movement, which would eventually end slavery in
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