Essay On Racial Injustice In Schools

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In the story, “Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian,” a girl is being treated differently because of who she is. Her mother is Chinese and her father is American. Back in the days, interracial marriage was highly rejected.This wasn’t just an issue back then, but it is still happening in today’s world. Many people are experiencing inequality due to their race. Racial inequality is happening in schools, when police are on searches for suspect, and health care. By all means, U.S. citizens still live in a society where racial injustice is still prevalent; therefore, some people are denied equal rights based on race. To begin, racial injustice is happening in school and some students are not being treated equally. Taylissa and Jayla are two of only a few black students in the high school of just under 400 students in rural Nevada. According to the article “2 Teens Say No One Stopping Racist Bullying in Nevada Town” from US News, the author mentions, Taylissa's mom, Nancy Marriott-Tolliver and stepfather, Charles Tolliver, say Taylissa and her stepsister, Jayla Tolliver, both 14, have been the victims of repeated racial bullying at school ( ). Even in school, students are facing racial injustice. These two students are getting bullied and made fun of because they are “different” compared to everyone else. At a young age, people are already starting to judge one another due to a person’s race. Students who are not treated fairly may be afraid of coming to school and feel downgrade in themselves. This issue can create an unfair environment for color students to be in. Adding to that, Jayla…show more content…
(CONTEXT) Adam Gaffney, author of “Racial Injustice Still Rife in Health Care,” explains how black people were relegated to separate hospitals and wards. Many were simply denied medical attention, either “dumped” into the cave of other facilities or turned away at the hospital door
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