Racial Interview Questions

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• My parents, brothers, sister , including my extended family belong to the same race and ethnic group.
Where did your parents grow up? What exposure did they have to racial groups other than their own? (Have you ever talked with them about this?)
• The racial groups they have exposure was with Haitians and Chinese. I never had the chance to talk to them about it.
What ideas did they grow up with regarding race relations? (Do you know? Have you ever talked with them about this? Why or why not?)
• I never talk to them about race or colors, but I notice that all the family from father side is a little racist. The way they speak about them, is like a crime have relationships with our own people. We all know we have mix colors in our race, and knowing that they though light skin is superior.
Do you think of yourself as
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What is the racial makeup of the neighborhood you grew up in?
• My neighborhood was colorful, all the mixed colors of my race was present, including people from Haiti.

What was your first awareness of race – that there are different "races" and that you are a member of a racial group.
• Since I was a child I knew there were people from another countries, but I never knew they had different races until I grew up.
What was your first encounter with another race? Describe the situation.
• I never had any encounters with another race in my neighborhood, all the people around me were very kind.
When and where did you first hear the word, “nigger,” or other similar racial slurs?
• The first time I hear the word “Negro” “Black” was when I was about 13 years old, when my grandma ask me if I like that black guy. A friend of mine. I was hiding a picture of him behind my pillow and my grandmother founded, and asks me if I like that black guy, I told her he was my friend. She was mad at the fact that he was black and not at the fact that I shouldn’t be thinking of boys at age of 13. He was really my friend, but I was secretly in love with
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