Racial Discrimination In Mainstream Media

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Mainstream media is one of the factors that greatly affects us today in modern society. In light of this, multiple issues arise from the lasting effects of mainstream media in today's generation. One of which are racial issues, such as representation, whitewashing, and racial stereotyping. These particular issues cause discussion online, especially with the uprising of Caucasian actors in the film and television industry. Racial issues go farther than just 'representation', as it provides the audiences of color an outlet to relate to a character of color on mainstream media. With the recent cases of lack of diversity and inaccurate cultural stereotyping, people of color are finding it more difficult to use mainstream media as an outlet for…show more content…
In Mr. Nitura’s opinion, these small actions to call out whitewashing is important because these small actions can lead to big improvement in the industry as long as people don’t just bash other people online. Whitewashing and a lack of diversity in mainstream media is mostly caused…show more content…
This would often cause an inaccuracy in the cultural representations of different ethnicities, or stereotyping. Stereotyping has been around since the early 1960’s, and it is seen in many popular shows and movies such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with the portrayal of Mr. Yunioshi by Mickey Rooney. Since then stereotyping in the Hollywood industry has not greatly improved and in a way it feels like it has been normalized to stereotype different culture in media knowing that it still continues to this day. For Mr Nitura, stereotyping isn’t all that bad however he states that it becomes a problem when people start to view different cultures solely based on these stereotypes which he believes can definitely lead to more whitewashing. Furthermore, Mr. Nitura talked about how stereotyping affects different ethnicities. He mentioned how these individuals may be offended and may think about how different their culture is being represented by these stereotypes. Lastly, when asked in what way producers can avoid stereotyping in films, Mr. Nitura suggested that the first thing producers can do is to talk to the scriptwriters and the actors to gather ideas and to do proper research to find a way wherein they
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