Racial Issues In The Bluest Eye

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In The Bluest Eye, written by Toni Morrison is about a young African American girl named Pecola, and a time were many people grew up with racism and many difficulties during the 1940’s because they were African American. Throughout the novel, it demonstrates that white societies have a better living, and higher beauty standard in which the media illustrates through television and books. This causes many conflicts towards African Americans because they are unable to find the true meaning of beauty. The author Toni Morrison, stresses plot, setting, characterization, or theme when writing a work of fiction like The Bluest Eye. In the novel The Bluest Eye, defining beauty affects many characters’ and supports the theme seen throughout the novel because it reflects their self-esteem due to the media’s perception of beauty. In the novel, it is seen that many adults and children shop and buy magazines, newspapers, and look at the medias perception of beauty. The main character Pecola idolizes a famous character during the 1940’s named Shirley Temple, because she is seen as a beautiful child for having fair skin, and blue…show more content…
The novel takes place in Ohio after the Great Depression, a time were economic safety, and few opportunities were limited for African Americans. Many Africans who wanted a better job, and tolerated more racial comments moved to southern parts of Ohio. Pauline and Cholly live in the Northern side of Ohio but their lives are still filled with complications through whites who mock them, people judging them because of their accents are southern, and the correct perception of beauty. For example, the character Pecola had been taunted and made fun of for being a black girl by young boys when in actuality they had self-hate for themselves as well. This proves that anywhere in the southern or northern parts of America racism and hatred for African Americans can be seen
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