To Kill The Mockingbird Research Paper

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In the past of our history, this world used to be divided by the races in which humans never really consider themselves as totally equal and fair between all races. Such as the story of Killing the Mockingbird, the Town of Maycomb where lives our main character Scout Finch her family, has been divided by races and people with same race should do the same things or go to the same place. The people were not united and treated each race differently, especially Caucasian’s discriminations towards the African-Americans. We have to stop all these injustices, unfairness, and discriminations between races and treat everyone in this world equally and fairly. After all, we are all from the planet earth and we are all humans. The African-American race…show more content…
Social status is the position of a person, a group within the society. In racism, there have always been problems of social status and labeling. In a society or environmental culture, African-Americans were always positioned or ranked at the lowest level within the society, and they were always labeled as the criminals and the bad guys. Which is similar to the story of Killing the Mockingbird. Why would Tom Robinson be labeled as a rapist right away without strong proofs of his innocence? The reason why he is accused of rape and considered guilty is because he is an African-American and that instantly labels him as a criminal or a murderer. The people in Maycomb also labels Atticus Finch as a threat to Maycomb town and they call him a “nigger-lover” just because he is defending Tom Robinson and for being his lawyer on the court. Judging people by just seeing them for the first time without knowing the person is just not the right way to criticize a person. It could also be referred to rating a book by judging its cover without reading the inside of a book. But judging a person by its race is the main reason why in the past we had these racist issues. People will just label those African-Americans as criminals just because of their colored skin and that will automatically lower down their social status within the society and their label
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