Racial Policies In Nazi Germany Essay

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The racial policy of Nazi Germany included policies and laws implemented in Nazi Germany (1933–45) based on a specific racist doctrine declaring the dominance of the Aryan race. . This was combined with a eugenics programme that aimed for racial hygiene by compulsory sterilization and extermination of the "sub-humans" which eventually concluded in the Holocaust. The first Nazi racial policies were implemented just weeks after Hitler took power in early 1933. These first anti-Jewish policies were moderate, and there were no clear legal guidelines about who was and was not “Jewish”. The majority of early anti-Semitic decrees were intended to extract Jews from important white collar occupations. In April 1933, the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service rescinded the employment of non-Aryan workers in government jobs. SEPTEMBER 15, 1935 • NUREMBERG LAW ,The Reich Citizenship Law. This law declared that only those of German blood were citizens of the state. At their…show more content…
They decided to murder every Jewish man, woman and child in Europe. Mass 'extermination' by gas was planned as it was an efficient and cost effective method of murdering large numbers of Jews, and the construction of special killing centres began in the second half of 1941.Six 'Death Camps' were established -, were constructed for the purpose of killing'. Gas vans and gas chambers were constructed at the death camps. Zyklon B gas was used. The implementation of the 'Final Solution' required Jews from all over Nazi-occupied Europe to be transported by rail to the death camps in Poland. Jews were told that they would be 'resettled'. In reality, they were taken to one of the six death camps. Hundreds of thousands of people were crammed into sealed cattle trucks or open wagons, sometimes spending days without food, water or sanitation. People arrived sick, dehydrated and starving. Many
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