Racial Prejudice In America

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Prejudice is a way of thinking that harms others in many ways and, although no one enjoys it, it is still a piece of everyday life. Prejudice is not just something that happened in the past, it is happening right now, every day all around us. Prejudice belittles people through their race, faith, and social status.
Racial prejudice belittles people because it is a piece of someone that they can not just change. A form of racial unfairness that has been happening for many years is the prejudice against Africans and African-Americans. In the past, Africans were kidnapped from their homeland, sold into slavery by Caucasians, and were forced to work for them. Africans were beaten, tortured, and hated because most of the Caucasians thought they were
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A form of social inequality that is happening today is based on people’s appearance. Judging others by the way they look is very common, considering all of the new fashion trends and people’s need to feel like they are just like everyone else. If someone opened a magazine, the first thing that they might see is a very expensive dress worn by a famous model or another type of fashion trend and when people see this, they think that it must be popular and they absolutely have to get it. A lot of people, who may not be able to afford clothing or have a different style of fashion that they like, get bullied every day by their clothing choices because it is not like everyone elses. A girl who wears faded shirts and torn jeans is seen as a poor, lonely outsider while a girl who wears the coolest designer clothes is seen as the popular girl who gets everyone’s attention. As a result, people may change their style just to fit in even though that may not be who they truly are. Another form of social prejudice is based on the weight of an individual. Whether people are overweight or underweight, they are still judged and bullied because society has set a so-called “perfect weight limit.” People who are overweight are stereotyped as couch potatoes who eat everything they can get their eye on. People who are underweight are seen as individuals who are trying too hard fit into societies weight limit. A lot of people can not help their weight, whether it is because of a certain illness or they just don’t have the time to work out because they are so busy. People are judged every day by how many pounds they are, when in reality, no one is perfect. Social discrimination is a very serious matter because it happens all the time and who is to say that it will not get
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